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Pupil Parliament projects

Summer events


The Pupil Parliament are currently working on plans for a fundraising event to purchase picnic blankets for each class to be able to enjoy sitting on the field at break and lunchtimes, relaxing with friends and enjoying books.

Spring reward afternoon

Spring term 2 2024


Clubs - additional clubs added to the rota in Spring term 2 are a chess club run by Miss Harrison and a puzzle club run by Mrs Hargreaves


Apparatus - after our request in Spring 1, it was agreed that we would be able to use the large apparatus in the hall as part of a reward afternoon at the end of term.  Watch this space for pictures to come once we have enjoyed our reward afternoon on Thursday 28th March 2024.


Equipment - playtimes have been a lot more fun and we have been much more active as we have been bringing our playtime equipment bags out to play.  Each class has a monitor whose job it is to bring the bag outside at breaktime.




Spring term 1 2024


The Pupil Parliament met on 29.1.2024.


Their first responsibility was to vote for a theme for the first fundraising Friday of 2024.  The majority vote was for crazy hair - watch this space for the date of the first of many fundraising Fridays.


Children brought a range of issues to be discussed at the meeting including:


1. Clubs - children across school have suggested a range of clubs they would like to see on the next rota of after school activities.  These suggestions are passed to SLT.


2. Equipment - children have requested more outdoor equipment to be used at playtimes.  See point 3 for actions.


3. Reading at breaktimes - children have asked for a place to be able to read breaktimes.  A suggestion was made that we hold a fundraising event next half term to raise money to buy more outdoor equipment for playtimes and some waterproof picnic blankets then the children can sit and read on the field during the summer term.


4. Apparatus in PE sessions - children have asked that they be allowed time in some PE sessions to use the climbing apparatus.  It was suggested that maybe this could be incorporated as part of the end of term shine reward at the end of next term.

Christmas reward fayre

Autumn Term


Following class parliament meetings, the Pupil Parliament met to discuss the issues and suggestions placed in class parliament boxes.  After considering all suggestions, it was decided that we would prioritise the most popular ideas brought from across school.  Below you will see the suggestions along with the Pupil Parliaments' plan to support.


1. Football - it become apparent that there were some ongoing disputes on the football pitches on the playground.  The ministry of sport have been made aware of these issues and are now going to support in this area.  They will ensure that balls are brought out on their class football day only, and that pupils are using the pitches safely and enjoying football with respect to others.


The plan in place to address this issue is that there is a new football rota in place that children must respect and follow.  See our rota below.


2. The Trim Trail - pupils feel that they do not have enough opportunities to use the trim trail and that when they do use it, time is not spent efficiently enough.  The Pupil Parliament have created a fair rota and have made the ministry of sport aware of this issue.  Sports ministers in each class will now work alongside the class teacher to ensure that the trim trail is used safely, sensibly and with no wasted time.  Please see below for the Trim Trail Rota.


3. The Prayer Garden - Some of the Health and Wellbeing ministers have been tasked with role of checking the prayer garden during morning break and placing a sign to say whether it is open or not.  Year 6 children who volunteer to lead the prayer garden will check the sign and prepare the necessary equipment to run the day's activities.  In a whole school assembly, Mrs Hargreaves has reminded the children of the behaviour that is expected when using the prayer garden.

4. Reading baskets for breaktimes - it was brought to our attention that some children would prefer to enjoy a more relaxing breaktime and not participate in football or use the trim trail.  Many children have stated that they would like to have a library area on the playground.  Each class will now have a basket of books to bring outside at breaktime.  Health and wellbeing ministers will be tasked with the responsibility of bringing these baskets out at break and ensuring all books return to the classroom at the end of breaktime.


5. Celebrations - at the end of each half term there will be a celebration fayre for the school.  Children will receive raffle tickets for each signature on their shine card and these will then be exchanged for participation of a range of activities/games at the fayre.


 6. Fundraising Fridays - it has been decided that on the first Friday of each month children will come to school dressed in a different way to match a theme as voted for by the Pupil Parliament.  Children will be asked to donate £1 with the money going into school fund.


7. Clubs - some different clubs have been suggested.  Staff will review these ideas and perhaps add some to the Spring or Summer term club rota.