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School Improvement

At All Saints', we are fortunate to have a staff team who work hard to make our school the best school it can possibly be. Each year, we reflect on the previous year(s) to help us to identify how we can grow and become better.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, we will be focusing upon the following areas:


Quality of Education: Areas of Focus for SIP 23/24

  • Further refine the curriculum in order that leaders have identified the key essential knowledge, skills and vocabulary and therefore teachers are clear on what they need to teach and when
  • Embed teachers’ pedagogy and pedagogical knowledge consistently across the school and across all curriculum areas (lesson design and structure)


Behaviour and Attitudes: Areas of Focus for SIP 23-24

  • Ensure that all staff, at all times, have high expectations and consistently implement the ‘All Saints Way’ in order that pupils become intrinsically motivated, and have high levels of behaviours for learning, engagement in lessons and are resilient during unstructured times, consistently making the right choices. 

Personal Development: Areas of Focus for SIP 23-24

  • Refine Pupil Leadership roles and teach leadership skills through implementing Pupil Passport. Implement the Pupil Promise. As a result, Pupils develop their cultural capital, build resilience and hold aspirations for their next stage of learning.


Leadership and Management: Areas of Focus for SIP 23-24

  • Through training and support, further develop the role of subject leader’s accountability, ensuring consistent approaches across the school in monitoring and evaluating with a positive impact upon outcomes for all Pupils.

Early Years: Areas of Focus for SIP 23-24

  • Ensure that vocabulary to be taught is explicitly identified and taught in all areas of the EYFS curriculum alongside the identified component knowledge.
  • Continuous provision to remain a key focus for EYFS 

Governance: Areas of Focus for SIP 23-24

  • Ensure that those responsible for governance understand their role and carry this out effectively