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Reading support

Reading support and ideas for texts - a brilliant document which takes you through some of the reading strategies we teach at school with suggested texts for each year group.

Books to make your child feel calm and content


The Book of Dreams by Shirin Adl

This unusual picture book may help some children to put into words their ideas about the strange and abstract concept of dreams.


The Yoga Game: By the Sea by Kathy Beliveau 

This is a lovely and imaginative way to get children stretching into gentle yoga poses.  It takes parts of a seaside scene - boats, ocean, fish - as inspiration and uses a 'What am I?' guessing game to keep things moving.


A First Book of Nature by Nichola Davies

Hearld's nostalgic illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this lovely chronicle of a child's first experiences of nature.


Calming Colouring for Kids by Lauren Farnsworth

The illustrators have done a fantastic job of providing a real range of patterns and scenes in this colouring book.  There's sure to be a page that captures your child's imagination and keeps them calm and focused.


Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy by Bernadette Russell

This gives children 80 ways to make the world a better place - and have some fun at the same time.  Most will long to join the Kindness Club and dish out 'ninja niceness' after flicking through these ideas.


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