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Curriculum Design Information

Intention of our PE Curriculum


The National Curriculum for PE aims to ensure that all children: 

- develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 

- are physically active for sustained periods of time 

 - engage in competitive sports and activities 

- lead healthy, active lives 


All Saints' Primary School offers a broad and balanced PE curriculum based on the needs of the children within our school.  We aim to provide a curriculum that is inspiring, motivational and inclusive for all our pupils . We believe it is of the upmost importance for every child to achieve their own personal best. We are passionate about creating and building  a safe, secure and valued environment for our children to grow and flourish within. 


Implementation of our PE Curriculum


All staff members at All Saints' are very passionate and driven about providing our pupils with a challenging, motivational and evolving PE curriculum. We inspire the children to believe in their own potential and have a positive attitude towards learning in PE. Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of PE involves the following: 


- We are part of the Lancashire Sports Partnership which allows our children to have access to a wide range of competitions and festivals throughout the academic year. The partnership allows staff to receive vital training when needed to ensure they are comfortable and confident teaching the curriculum. We have access to the new Lancashire scheme of work which allows teachers to feel confident planning and teaching PE. We have access to achieve the School Games award in PE though this service which is very motivational for staff and children alike. 


- We plan and deliver a broad and stimulating curriculum. Following the Lancashire progression document is useful for helping children to progress and achieve the National Curriculum aims. 


- We ensure all children have at least 60 minutes physical exercise a day. This is done through careful planning and creating a timetable for all children to enjoy daily. Throughout the day, children have access to the trim trail, forest area, large field and playground equipment. Children also take part in the daily mile each day. 


- Our children take part in intra-house and inter-house competitions throughout the school year. 


- A wide range of visitors come to school to provide children with new experiences and inspirational lessons. Healthy lifestyle and making good choices is at the heart of the visits and experiences. 


- We ensure that the equipment at our school is of good quality. The equipment is there to further support teachers in their teaching of the curriculum. Audits are taken throughout the school year. New equipment is bought when needed to meet the needs of the children. 


- A wide range of extra-curriculum events are on offer to meet the needs of all children at All Saints'. 


Impact of our PE Curriculum 


PE is given a high profile at All Saints'. The successful teaching and learning of PE at All Saints' provides our children with a fun, engaging and inspiring curriculum. Children are taught skills and attributes that they will use for the rest of their lives. PE is a much loved subject across school. Children are educated and understand the importance of having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They understand what having a healthy life style entails. Parents and guardians are also heavily involved within this process. Children understand that PE can open many doors for future career possibilities. This provides excitement and focus. 


The impact of the provision of a successful curriculum is evident in our attainment of the Gold School Games award. This was last achieved in 2018-19 (due to COVID, it has not been running the past two academic years). We now aim to achieve platinum in the next academic year.