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Out of School Club

At All Saints' we offer both before school and after school club provision, a provision which is thoroughly enjoyed by our children! Before school club operates from 7:30am, with breakfast available until 8:25am, at a cost of £5 per session. After school club runs until 5:45pm, with snack being served around 4:15pm (to allow children who attend school clubs to also share the snack) at a cost of £7.50 per session.


NB: At present, due to the COVID situation and the increased staff required to run before and after school club in 4 separate bubbles, as well as accommodating staggered drop off times, provision is available from 7:45am for before school club and until 5:30pm for after school club. As we are only able to operate on limited numbers of children, we have had to balance cost of offering this provision with what we are able to offer at the present time to ensure school does not lose money through offering this service. 


If this causes you a difficulty, please contact me directly so we can work together to try and resolve any problems you may have, 


Childcare vouchers are accepted, please contact Mrs Ainsworth for further details. 


Please email for further information and any inquiries relating to before or after school club.


Out of Hours Club Mobile: EYFS/KS1 children: 07749 925006

KS2 children: 07732 377851



Breakfast Club

Mr Hardicker is the breakfast club leader

Mrs Rawcliffe amd Mrs Brown work within our breakfast club each day


After School Club

Mrs Rawcliffe is the after school club leader

Mrs Brown and Mrs Hargreaves work within our after school club throughout the week


NB At present, due to the COVID situation and the need for additional staffing, Lucy and Ellie will be supporting in our before and/or after school clubs each day. 




Childcare vouchers


Childcare vouchers provide an easy way for working parents to save on the cost of childcare. Suitable for children up to age 15, childcare vouchers can be used for a wide range of care, from nurseries and childminders through to holiday camps and breakfast clubs.

Simply by signing up for childcare vouchers, parents can enjoy automatic savings in tax and National Insurance. The savings are often worth hundreds of pounds a year and both parents can take part to benefit even more. Most parents choose electronic vouchers, which can be transferred straight into a carer's bank account for quick and convenient payment.




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