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Let your light shine!


Geographers at All Saints’ learn about people and places


Miss McLaughlin leads geography at our school.

We are so very lucky to have amazing school grounds at All Saints', which we make use of to support our learning in geography. Geography allows us to think about how the world is changing, and how we, as humans, are impacting upon these changes. By the time we leave All Saints', we are able to answer 'big questions' in geography and make links between all that we have learnt over our time at All Saints'. We learn about human and physical geography of a wide variety of places, learn to read and use maps and are taken on a journey around the world through our time at All Saints'! Our work in geography teaches us about people and places, and the relationship between people and places. Fieldwork is an important feature of our work in geography. We know that geography is about thinking forwards to the future as well as learning about the geography of now. 

It was made by the one who sits on his throne

    above the earth and beyond the sky;

    the people below look as tiny as ants.

He stretched out the sky like a curtain,

    like a tent in which to live.    Isaiah 40:22