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Guiding Lights

Our Year 6 children are all Guiding Lights. They take on responsibility for supporting around school with a wide range of roles and responsibilities.


They each take on a weekly 15 minute lunchtime duty, either 12-12:15pm or 12:15-12:30pm, where they run the salad bar in the dining hall, encouraging children to try items from eth salad bar, support with pouring drinks, support in helping younger children to learn how to use a knife and a fork and support in making sure children get from the dining hall and onto the playground safely and in a manner which is expected of children at All Saints'.


They each take turns to operate our prayer garden, at break and lunchtime, using resources that they have been trained to use. 


Our Guiding Lights also support in the planning of, leading of and evaluating of worship. They are split into 6 teams and each team leads a whole school worship in school at least once in the year and also leads a whole school church service at least one per year. 


In addition to the above, our year 6 children, as Guiding Lights, are always on the look out for those who may need a guiding light during playtime or lunchtime.


We are very proud of the work of our Guiding Lights to make school a safe and happy place to play and learn together. 

Autumn term update


The Guiding Lights continue to support the younger children in school by fulfilling their weekly lunchtime duties.  They escort the younger children back to their classrooms to get their coats and can often be seen helping and/or encouraging the younger children with fastening their coats in the cold weather.


The prayer garden has been very popular and the other children in school enjoy spending some of their lunch break completing activities set and led by the guiding lights.


Many of the groups have now supported in leading whole school worship and some of the groups have help to lead church services. During the Autumn term one group helped to lead the harvest worship which explained about the Diocesan Harvest Appeal and then told the story of Ruth.  Another group helped lead the  Advent worship which was focussed on the birth of John the Baptist.