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RE in Action

Before Easter, pupils were invited to create Easter in a box. We are sure you will be amazed at some of the beautiful creations they made.

We enjoyed a day exploring our faith and our foundation scripture through the format of a whole school spirituality/prayer explore day.


A Whole School Visit from Prags


Prags has visited our school every year for a number of years...until covid hit! It was a joy to have her with us, supporting our children in developing an understanding of some of the beliefs and traditions of other world traditions of other world faiths. Prags is a Hindu, and will be sharing with us how her beliefs as a Hindu impact upon her life.

Children in KS2 all had the opportunity to have a Henna tattoo and to learn a short Hindu dance routine, whilst children in EYFS/KS1 learnt a traditional Hindu dance. We were all given the opportunity to try a handmade vegetable samosa and take part in an assembly led by Prags.

A Visit to the Jewish Museum and Synagogue


In February, and as part of our RE unit on Passover, Year 6 visited the Manchester Jewish Museum and Synagogue. We learnt so much about the life of a Jews and Orthadox Jews. We were able to visit  the synagogue and see where all we had learnt about takes place, which made us have a fuller understanding and made it all become very real!


Preparing for Christmas


As part of our Year 6 study, we look at what and how we prepare for Christmas. This year (Christmas 2021) we were so thrilled to reciev a personal message fron Gemma Hunt:


How I am preparing for Christmas. 


It feels like Christmas preparations start in the summer! I have a large family who live all over the country (and some in France) so we have to get our diaries together early on in the year to find out what everyone’s plans are for Christmas. My husband and our 5 year old daughter have spent Christmas in the past at our home, or away somewhere else in the country as I often perform in Panto at Christmas, but, not this year. We arranged with family to come and visit us this year, as I am at home and LOVE hosting & cooking so wanted for everyone to visit us this year. 

So, now my planning is getting busy. I like to write lists to stay organised so am writing out when people are staying, what meals they are coming for and how long they are sleeping over for. We all like to eat good food so I will probably end up cooking at least 3 Christmas dinners!


I have a list for presents too so am trying to buy gifts and write them on my list as I get them. I will then spend a whole day watching Christmas movies and wrapping presents in a couple of weeks time before I have to start delivering or posting gifts to family and friends further away. 


I am also very involved with my local church and we have lots of things planned for Christmas. So I helped the children to film some of their nativity the other day, a friend of ours has a barn that we used so it looked really authentic with a host of angels (boys & girls!) meeting Mary with the good news of Jesus’ arrival. It was really special. We are also going to the Carol service on Christmas Eve, so I have just booked our family in to that service at church. 


We spent last night putting up our Christmas tree and choosing the colour scheme; we have a choice of baubles; white, turquoise & gold, silver & pink or red & gold. We went for red & gold this year, which looks really festive. I love the smell of the real Christmas tree and like to come down and switch on the twinkly lights first thing in the morning - after opening advent calendars, what a treat to have chocolate for breakfast during advent!


I’ve also been working on a new family prayer resource called Lectio For Families, which you can download from the App Store & Google Play. I’ve been working with the team at 24-7 Prayer to write this and it’s available now. I’ve written and am hosting this week which is all about advent. It’s a great way to remember why we celebrate Christmas and ask questions about how we can learn from Jesus and the stories in the Bible. 


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very blessed new year. 


Merry Christmas 

Gemma :o)


A Mosque Visit


In November, Maple class visited the Raza Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre. We were priveliged to have the head of the Academy take us around the mosque and teach us more about life as a muslim and how Islamic beliefs are lived out in our own community.

Life As A Journey

In their final RE unit 'Life as a Journey', the year 6 children in Oak class have been reflecting on their journey in life so far and particular things they think they are taking away from primary school. It really shone through how many of the Christian Values the children felt like they had been given and learnt during their time at All Saints'.

Letters of Love


As part of the Year Six unit on preparing in Advent, we wrote to others to ask how they were going to prepare for Christmas in a very unusual period in history! Look at the responses we received:

Countess of Wessex

Andy Hawthorne from The Message Trust

During lockdown, we had lots of fantastic RE and worship taking place each week. The following pictures are a showcase of some of the amazing work and actions which reflect how our Christian Values underpin everything we do here at All Saints'. Even though we were separated, our faith kept us all together.

Bishop's Harvest Appeal 2020 where we collected food items for our local food bank and also raised money for Bishop Julian's appeal supporting Tear Fund and Friends of the Holy Land.

Celebrating our school’s Christian values during a celebration to commemorate the anniversary of our school. Here is some of the fantastic artwork we created to represent each of our values:

Linking what we have learnt in RE to British Values:

Some of our fantastic work thinking about the importance of Mary for the church.

Some of the fantastic RE that has taken place in school...

Some of the amazing letters we have received this year linking to our RE lessons in school.

Bible Eggsplorers in Willow

School values poster competition. Well done to all who entered this competition, your posters are fantastic!.

Willow class visit to All Saints' church to learn about the parts of the church and artefacts used in the church service

Every single child in school has helped to contribute to this beautiful 'School Values' display for the main entrance show-casing our Christian Values which we strive to show every day in school.

Our beautiful Salvadoran crosses for around school