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Pupil Leadership

An integral part of a child’s experience at All Saints' is formed by the extensive opportunities we provide for pupils to take on roles of responsibility and leadership.


We value the voice of our children at All Saints', and are quite often 'blown away' by their insightful comments and ideas.

Every subject leaders' monitoring of their subject, completed at least twice per year (and at least 4 times per year for core subjects), includes a 'pupil voice' activity, during which children from every class talk to the subject leader about their learning and their thoughts and feelings about a subject area. We ensure that the voice of a diverse range of children is sought. 


Mrs Hargreaves leads our Pupil Parliament for 2022-2023. The representatives on our Pupil Parliament were voted in based upon their anonymous applications during the summer term of 2022 by their peers and also through staff nominations. Year 6 take a very active role in running Pupil Parliament. Pupil Parliament will meet twice each half term, one meeting to discuss things raised in class and once to plan events or activities. 


We value the contributions that all of  our children make to life in school. Our year 6 children all become Guiding Lights, taking on responsibilities during lunchtime and playtime, and feeding back to the school leadership team. Our Guiding Lights plan and lead worship at least twice per half term, in teams, and also operate our prayer garden/prayer tents, on a rota, at break time and lunchtime, 


Our year 6 children also apply for one of four leadership roles: sports leaders, eco warriors, curriculum ambassadors or reading buddies. As well as leading these areas, they also feedback to the school leadership team in terms of 'what is going well' and how things could be 'even better if...'. 


Our year 5 children all act as Guardian Angels for our new EYFS children. Within the transition session to school, before our EYFS children even start in September, our EYFS children are introduced to their Guardian Angels, who send them home with a special letter of introduction, the gift of a book from school, a special new school poem and some 'magic dust' for the night before they begin school. During  the early days of starting school, our Guardian Angels support the children at playtime and lunch time and act as a 'guardian and guide' whilst children settle into new life at school. Guardian Angels support with reading and developing a love of stories!


Pupils’ ongoing contributions and commitment has a very positive impact upon our learning environment here at All Saints' and we are incredibly proud of their combined achievements to date. We are confident they will continue to impress us with their ideas and passion!