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Let your light shine!

Pupil Leadership

An integral part of a child’s experience at All Saints' is formed by the extensive opportunities we provide for pupils to take on roles of responsibility and leadership.


At All Saints' our children are encouraged to 'let their light's shine' through the varied leadership roles they take responsibility for within school.


We value the voice and contributions of our children at All Saints', and are quite often 'blown away' by their insightful comments and ideas.


Every subject leaders' monitoring of their subject, completed at least twice per year (and at least 4 times per year for core subjects), includes a 'pupil voice' activity, during which children from every class talk to the subject leader about their learning and their thoughts and feelings about a subject area. We ensure that the voice of a diverse range of children is sought. 


New for 2023-2024!

Every child in school will become a 'curriculum champion' for an aspect of the curriculum (including outdoor learning, which we take part in weekly across school at All Saints'). Subject leaders will meet with 'Curriculum Champions' from across school every half term, gathering pupil voice from across school about their subject. We hope that giving every child the opportunity to hold some responsibility in school, and feel valued for the contributions that they make, will support the development of leadership skills. 


Our year 6 children all act as 'Guiding Lights', having the responsibility for supporting with the planning, leading and evaluating of worship at school. They also hold the responsibility of supporting others in school to 'let their light shine'.  


When children reach the summer term of Y5, they become prefects, supporting with ensuring lunchtimes run smoothly, running the salad bar in the dining hall, supporting with ensuring younger children are taken outside after eating their lunch (or perhaps to get their coats, put lunch boxes away etc.) This continues until they reach the summer term of year 6, when the baton is handed over to Y5. 


Children in Y5 are 'Guardian Angels' for our new EYFS children. They are 'buddied up' and meet the new EYFS children as part of transition to All Saints', in the summer term before our new children officially join us. The Guardian Angels support our new children to settle into school, helping them to build new friendships, find their way around school, learn how to follow our school rules. The Guardian Angel system has been very well received over the last 7 years of being implemented and gives our Y5 children the opportunity for responsibility in school. 


Children in Y4 are all given the opportunity to become librarians. They run the library each week after school, on a rota, and are responsible for keeping the library well organised and making book suggestions to staff based upon their discussions with visitors to the library. 


Mrs Hargreaves leads our Pupil Parliament. This year (2023-2024), we are trialling a new approach to our pupil parliament, working with Forward As One Multi Academy Trust. Children will be taught a leadership skill each half term, as follows:


Co operation







Children can apply to become 'ministers' in one of our pupil leadership departments, with children in KS1 being 'mini leaders' and in KS2 'young leaders'. 

 More information about our Pupil Leadership Departments can be found using the icon links below.


All classes will also hold half termly class parliament sessions.  At each meeting, classes will discuss the focus leadership skill for that half term, allowing time for the children to share their suggestions on how this skill can be developed and modelled.  Each class will also have 2 class parliament representatives.  There will be a box in each classroom for the children's ideas, suggestions and concerns relating to school life at All Saints'.  Once per half term, Class Parliament representatives will look at these suggestions/concerns with their class teacher and sort them into groups according to which department could best deal with them.  They will then be taken by the class parliament representatives to the relevant department meeting the following half term, feeding back to their class.


We value the contributions that all of our children make to life in school.

Pupils’ ongoing contributions and commitment has a very positive impact upon our learning environment here at All Saints' and we are incredibly proud of their combined achievements to date. We are confident they will continue to impress us with their ideas and passion!