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Pupil Leadership

An integral part of a child’s experience at All Saints' is formed by the extensive opportunities we provide for pupils to take on roles of responsibility and leadership.


We continue to encourage and value pupil voice throughout school and our teams of Guiding Lights, Guardian Angels, Sports Leaders, Pupil Parliament, Pupil Curriculum Review Group and Haelthy and Eco School Councils play an active role in school life. 


We value the contributions that all of  our children make to life in school. Our pupil leadership team is made up of pupils from year 6, with designated roles, who support in making decisions about things in school and in ensuring our school is a safe and happy place for children to learn. They provide a child's voice to teh school leadership team about how things are within school. 


The attached document details members of the pupil leadership team for the  academic year  2018-2019. We are sure that the children will do us all proud, and follow in the footsteps of their predecessors who did an amazing job last year!


We also have an active Pupil Parliament at All Saints', a democratically, peer elected group of pupils representing each of our classes. The purpose of the Pupil Parliament is to provide a voice for all of our pupils , enabling all to have an active role in matters that affect their lives both in school and the wider community. Our Pupil Parliament are looking forward to being involved in fundraising for school this year and are eager to have responsibility for managing their own budget!


Pupil Parliament meetings are held on a monthly basis with Mrs Huddy. We also welcome our local police officers/PCSOs to our meetings each term, to discuss community issues. Suggestion boxes are located in each classroom where all members of a class family can post thoughts, ideas or questions to be brought to Pupil Parliament meetings.  Children are encouraged to write down any suggestions that they think will improve school, or share concerns that they have which they feel Pupil Parliament can help to resolve. 


The Pupil Curriculum Review group give staff their honest opinions of the curriculum within school, they feedback about how they are finding their learning, what engages them with learning, ways to ensure homework is supportive of learning within school and enjoyable to complete! Subject leaders attend Pupil Curriculum Review meetings to gather information about how their individual subjects are being delivered across school.


Pupils’ ongoing commitment has a very positive impact upon our learning environment here at All Saints' and we are incredibly proud of their combined achievements to date. We are confident they will continue to impress us with their ideas and passion.

School Leadership Team 2018/2019