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All Saints' Reaching Out

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'

Philippians 4.13


As a Christian school, we recognise how important it is that we teach our children about supporting others, both in their own community and communities around the world, in various ways, recognising that not all people grow up with the same experiences of life.


As a school we support many local, national and international charities, welcoming visitors into school to help our children to develop an understanding of the wider world in which we live and the needs of people in various communities, from our local community to those farther afield. 


Our charity work gives our children opportunities to put the Christian values which we explicitly teach and model into action. We are extremely proud of how well our children and families engage in charity work to make a real difference to the lives of others. 


Our children earn community contribution house points for their efforts to support others either in our local community or the wider world. 


Below is an overview of our pre planned outreach work for 2022-2023.

Reaching Out and Looking Up in 2022-2023


Christmas Community Afternoon Tea


Our year 5 children led a wonderful Christmas afternoon tea for members of the local community. We had cakes, chocolate, tea and coffee, spent time talking and sang carols, including some together. The year 5 percussion group also performed some of their pieces. A wonderful afternoon held by all. See also Reaching Out Within Our Community for more images. 



Christmas Cards to the Care Homes


Our year 4 children made Christmas cards and delivered them to the local residential homes. They made the day of the residents who were thrilled to welcome them into their home. 


Harvest Festival 2022



Our Harvest Festival took place in church on Friday 7th October 2022.

Donations of non perishable items for our local foodbank, and donations of money towards the Bishop's Harvest Appeal. 

The food banks in our local area are in more demand than ever more. As a Christian school, we want to reach and support wherever we are able to. 


Macmillan Coffee Morning



Our first 'Reaching Out' event of the 2022-2023 school year took place on Friday 30th September when our year 6 children led a coffee morning in support of MacMillan. 

We were very grateful to the whole school for their generous donations of biscuits, cakes and buns in support of our coffee morning. 

The total raised for this well deserving charity was £495 . As a school, we choose to support MacMillan as a number of our families have been directly supported by their fantastic work. 

Well done All Saints', reaching out and supporting a worthy cause!



Reaching Out and Looking Up in 2021 and 2022

The Down's Syndrome Association


Athena, in our Sycamore class, welcomed a beautiful baby sister, Zelda, in October. Zelda has Down's Syndrome. This means she has an extra chromosome. Just like everybody else, she is unique and as she grows we will discover what she will be talented at and what she may find challenging. For Zelda this might include things that most of us find easy like running, or learning basic maths and literacy skills.Throughout life, Zelda may need more support than others.

The Down's Syndrome Association will support Zelda and her family throughout her life with school, work, relationships, and so much more to make sure that Zelda has a full and happy life.

On World Down's Syndrome Awareness Day, everyone at All Saints'can wore 'odd socks' to school to help us to think about how we are all unique and remind us that it is important that we celebrate this uniqueness. People with Down's Syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21, with some people thinking the pairs of chromosomes look like socks, so wearing odd socks also helps to raise awareness of those with Down's Syndrome and the wonderful work of charities to support them and their families.

All Saints' Lenten Project


As the All Saints' family we truly value being part of God's World. In valuing our world, the children, parents and staff of All Saints take the role of being 'stewards' very seriously. As we see adversity in our community and in our wider world, we have decided to have a community and a world focus for this year's Lenten Project. Our community focus will be the local Baptist Church Foodbank and our world focus will be to help the physical needs of those in Ukraine.


This year, as many of our families as were able to, spent some time in Lent thinking of others who are far less fortunate than themselves and support two charities, one local and one in the wider world, which link to the Global Goals focused upon 'zero hunger' and 'peace and justice'.

Our chosen local charity support was to send donations to the food bank at the Baptist Church in Clayton. Pastor Anne has been such a huge support to our school during the past two years when so many families have struggled and we were happy to support the amazing work that she leads. Donations for the food bank were either taken directly to the Baptist Church or brought into school throughout Lent and passed on.

Our chosen wider world charity was the Ukraine Emergency Appeal led by the International Aid Trust. It seemed the most appropriate wider world charity to support with what is going on in the world right now and so many of our children are very concerned about the events in the Ukraine. All Saints' Church are also supporting this charity, so it seems fitting that we work together as a community. Practical aid is needed here, with requests for: clothing, footwear, bedding, toiletries, sleeping bags, cooking pots and pans and dried food with at least 1 year's best before date.


Macmillan Coffee Morning




A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported our Macmillan coffee morning by either attending and/or donating cakes and money.
⭐️ We raised an AMAZING £712.82. ⭐️
This money all goes towards such a worthwhile cause and we should be really proud of how much we raised for this.
Thank you again. 🍰 ☕️



Reaching Out and Looking Up in 2020 and 2021


As our way of living takes us in new directions all across the world, we want to be a school family that embraces the opportunities and challenges this brings.


We are encouraging our children, through our collective worship times, to learn from significant people who have used their God given gifts for the benefit of others. Through this, we are asking the children to reflect on their gifts and how they might use them to bring joy to someone else in the world. Through looking up, we will reach out in ways that may not involve finance to show how our world can be a different place using the greatest gift we were given – love.


Throughout this term we will be posting photographs of how our All Saints' family, both staff and pupils do this. This will also then build up to our Advent focus, through the MAF organisation, where we will look at how we can reach out further across the world.






Despite the school closures in March, we focused on a different Christian value each week, with challenges shared via our whole school weekly newsletter. Children were encouraged to show the values of justice, patience, kindness, courage, love and friendship in many different ways. Pictures of the ways children embarked on doing this, can be found in the photo gallery on the weekly newsletter/shared via Dojo. Super effort All Saints'!


We also set up a whole school challenge to see how many times we could travel (walk, cycle, run, scoot etc.) to the Nightingale Hospital in London and back again! Whilst the most important aspect of this challenge was taking part and promoting healthy choices during lockdown, we held a vote as a school community and decided to raise money for Lancashire Women, a local charity which provides much needed support for women in our local area. 

By the time we reached the summer break, the children at All Saints' had travelled 1.628 miles as a team and raised £147 for charity whilst doing so! Go All Saints'!








Our value for spring  is JUSTICE. We raised awareness of FairTrade fortnight within our whole school worship and challenged our children to talk to their parents about what they had learnt about FairTrade and to try and buy a FairTrade product the next time they were in a shop.



Bethany Project: November and December 2019



We were delighted to have a visit from the Bethany Project. Hearing the stories from the children was an extremely humbling experience-all of our children were so very moved! The singing and dancing was inspiring, and to hear about the aspirations of the children wonderful. 

Money raised from our Christmas Jumper Day and KS2 Christmas Production was shared between the Bethany Project and the Uganda Appeal, with total funds split between these 2 charities being over £400! Well done All Saints'!




Uganda 2019- Mrs Collins' Trip


Following on from our whole school Lenten project, it gave me great pleasure to travel out to Uganda to see where all the amazing funds had gone.  I also took further fund raising money out with me and bought lots more goats and hens for needy families as well as ensuring the children who were receiving our sponsorship were enjoying school and had everything they needed.

It truly was the trip of a lifetime and the primary and secondary school children were so grateful for all the funds raised.  The families and local people of the community could not thank you enough for all hens and goats, which now meant they could have fresh milk and eggs on a daily basis, as well as breeding the animals in order to sell and make money to buy more food.

Should you wish to sponsor any of the children, make donations or ask any questions about the charity, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Collins at school.


Thank you once again - the children love learning about new people and new places, and what a meaningful way to do that! 

Go Uganda Newsletter - articles on Mrs Collins' teaching and experiences.

Uganda 2019 Update- It is not long now until Mrs Collins heads out to the Nkuringo community in Uganda to see the impact the money you have helped to raise has had on the children and adults there. Below are some more pictures of the amazing work you have done to support already. What a difference this all makes. Just look at the smiles of gratitude from these children! Thank you all. x

UGANDA - hens bought from all the funds you raised - what an amazing job you have done! Open the powerpoint to access the photos

Macmillan Coffee Morning September 2019




Thank you to all who supported our 4th Macmillan Coffee Morning. We raised over £200 for Macmillan! Well done everyone!

It was so lovely to see all the photos sent in by our children of family members who are living with cancer, have survived cancer or have lost their lives to cancer. To celebrate the live or lives of all who are special to members of our community is wonderful! 




Mia's Story: Raising money for Diabetes Awareness

The goats have arrived for the families in Uganda. Thank you to all those who raised enough money to buy goats - these will truly change their lives.

Meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth is 6 years old and through monies raised during Lent we are able to sponsor Elizabeth for 3 years. This is such a wonderful gift to be able to give to a child that without it would struggle and would remain uneducated and continue in poverty into adulthood. Thank you once again.

Lenten Project Update:
Following on from the initial fundraising, the rest of the money has now been collected and has been sent off to the charity chair person, ready for distribution.  You have managed to raise a very impressive £1267.54
Charlie started her little company called Helping Hands and raised £20 doing jobs around the house; Olivia raised £9.40 helping around the house; Tia raised £10 again, helping at home; Lola held a lemonade stall after school and raised £10 and had a further donation of £10 to buy a hen in a family friend’s mums honour; Bertie and Stanley raised £6 helping their mum; Megan sold cupcakes to family and friends and raised £46; Teagan raised £10.35 by helping at home; Indiana also helped at home and raised £10; Ruby raised £23 by completing a 4-hour silence; Erin and Ellie raised £26 with their cake sale and Tilly worked hard to raise £10.
Throughout the month of May, office staff Mrs Kelly and Miss Robinson are baking delicious treats for all the staff in exchange for generous donations.

These will appear in the next copy of the charity's newsletter.
The children have decided individually where they want their money to be spent and it collectively breaks down to:
£310 on buying 31 hens
• Names: Henny Penny, Hermione, Chicoletta, Beryl, Bailey, Millie, Lily, Tony, Penny Sutton, Hei-Hei, Lucy, Popcorn, Unicorn, Lola, Tia, Sally, Billy, Milly, Penny, Elder, Speckles, Mavis, Pixie, Olivia, Penny, Henny, Tia Parker, Edward, Susan, Hayley and Lucky.
£240 on buying 8 goats
• Names: Georgia, Linda, Rosie, Sandy, Jessica, Malika, Yoda and Happy
£489.56 on sponsoring children for education (£115 already spend on sponsorship for Feredricko – with a promise of future sponsorship from the parents, and the rest (£374.56) to be spent on securing education for 3 years for Elizabeth)
£42.32 to be spent on science equipment or resources for the school
£185.66 for the medical fund – to help Gerald or others in need.

More details can be found on our Reaching Out page on the school website.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped raise this amazing and life-changing amount of money. I am beyond excited now to visit all the people who will be helped with your efforts. Thank you.

Click on the link below for the whole article! Thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard to raise these funds.

All those who managed to bring their raised funds in before the holidays, or the first day back has made it in the newsletter for the Ugandan charity. Don't fear - there is still time to return lenten project funds and you will appear in next month's newsletter.

Lenten Project Update

Feredricko School Reports! He is making fantastic progress - thank you Alice and Katie for raising the funds to give him this opportunity.