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Read Write Inc

What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc (RWI) is a phonics-based programme which helps children learn to read and write whilst also developing a wide range of vocabulary and encouraging a love of stories. It was developed by Ruth Miskin a leading consultant on early reading.


Who is Read Write Inc for?

The Read Write Inc programme is for primary school children learning to read and write. Children will begin the programme in the foundation stage (EYFS) and will remain on the programme throughout Year 1. Children will continue on the programme until they are at the expected reading level for Year 2. Children in Year 2 will then start to access their reading and writing through a scheme called 'Pathways'. Our aim is that the majority of children will come off the scheme early in Year 2, however some children may still need to remain on the scheme. 


How does it work?

Foundation Stage: Initially, children are taught set 1 sounds in their own class. Children are assessed regularly. At  a later stage, children are grouped according to their reading level. 

Year 1 onwards: All children are assessed regularly and are grouped according to their reading ability and not their age. This ensures all children are accessing phonics and reading materials appropriate for their own personal growth. Phonics groups are mixed and are taught by teachers and teaching assistants. Children who need additional support to maintain progress, receive fast-track tutoring. 


What does the RWI teaching process look like?

Children are first taught the pure ‘set 1’ sounds so that they will be able to blend the sounds in words more easily. In school we use ‘Fred Talk’. We do not use letter names at this stage; we simply focus on the sounds that are used to sound out words. At this stage, we focus on letter formation using a rhyme for each letter and a picture prompt. Once your child knows all their ‘set 1’ sounds and is able to read real words using ‘Fred Talk,’ they will then move into a group where they will begin reading storybooks and completing writing activities to challenge them further. It is important that children learn to decode new, unfamiliar words in this way. When your child is secure with set 1 sounds they will then begin to learn ‘Set 2’ sounds. 

When learning 'set 2' sounds, children are taught a rhyme to learn each of the new sounds. Children become familiar with the term 'special friends'. This is the concept of two letters making one sound. 

When learning 'set 3' sounds, children start to learn that there are a number of ways to write different sounds. For example, 'ay' can also be made by 'a-e' and 'ai'. We use letter names at this stage. 


How can I help at home?

- By listening to your child read. Establish a routine so you have regular reading time throughout the week. Have a key focus on questioning and vocabulary when reading. 

- Read to your child to create a 'love of reading' from an early age. Read a variety of stories to your child. 

- Explain the meaning of new words. 

- Watch the Read Write Inc videos sent home weekly. 

- Engage with the red and green words sent home weekly.