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Prevent Duty and British Values

Prevent Duty



The Prevent duty became law back in 2015. This is a duty on all schools and registered early years providers to have due regard to preventing people being drawn into terrorism. In order to protect children in our care, school staff  must be alert to any reason for concern in a child’s life at home or elsewhere. This includes awareness of the expression of extremist views. All school staff have received Prevent training through the Home Office E-learning package.


British values are a set of four values introduced to help keep children safe and promote their welfare, The promotion of British values is firmly embedded in the work that we do. 


What are British Values?


  • Democracy: making decisions together, for example giving opportunities to develop enquiring minds in an atmosphere where questions are valued.

    Rule of law: understanding rules matter as cited in Personal Social and Emotional development for example collaborating with children to create rules and codes of behaviour.

    Individual liberty: freedom for all, for example reflecting on their differences and understanding we are free to have different opinions

    Mutual respect and tolerance: treat others as you want to be treated, for example sharing and respecting other’s opinions.