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Our school has a target to achieve 97% attendance over the course of the us to achieve our target by coming to school every day you possibly can!

In order for children to get the greatest benefit from their education in school, it is important that they have good attendance and that they arrive on time for school each day. As children grow and prepare for the next stages in their education, and in employment in years to come, children need to see good attendance and punctuality as important values that should be valued by themselves, their parents/carers and by those around them. At All Saints’ we will do all that we can to encourage good attendance and punctuality. We will recognise 100% attendance (and very near misses) both termly and annually.


The school governors set a target for whole school attendance of 97%. This target has consistently been met over the past three years.  Where families are unable to meet our high expectations for attendance and punctuality, we will discuss this with families and put into place effective strategies to support in bringing about improvements. It is worth noting that as from September 2015 the government defined a persistent absentee as a child with attendance of 90% and below.

End of Autumn Term Attendance Data 2018


At present our whole school attendance is 97%


Class attendance is as follows:

**Sapling: 98.8%**

Acorn: 96.5%

Willow: 96.2%

Maple: 97.2%

Hazel: 96.4%

Beech: 97.2%

Sycamore: 95.8%

Elder: 97.6%

Oak: 97.2%


Certificates for those with 100% attendance, and without lates, have been sent home today. Well done to the 102 children who have been in school everyday on time this term!

Whole School and Class  Attendance Information


We finished the 2017-2018 academic year with the lowest attendance for a number of years. We know that many absences have been unavoiadable, due to children being unwell, but there have also been absences which could have been avoided. Please do try your very best to book holidays outside of term time , where you able to so, to minimise disruption to children's education and ensure children are given the best possible chances to learn and achieve their best. 

Can we also please reiterate how very important it is that children are in school on time each day. Learning begins from the very start of the day, missed minutes are missed learning opportunities and missed social times with friends. 


If you require any support in improving your child's attendance, please make an appointment to see a member of the school leadership team 


Attendance at the end of 2017-2018

Sapling: 96.5%

Acorn: 96.3%

Willow: 96.9%

Maple: 97.3%

Hazel: 97.8%

Beech: 96.2%

Sycamore: 97.5%

Elder: 96.1%

Oak: 97.8%

Whole school: 96.9%


Attendance Policy September 2018