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Reaching Out to Our World

At All Saints' we seek to learn from all communities around the world and celebrate both our similarities and differences. In this section you can see examples of this and how we also actively support those in our world who are in need.

Bethany Children's Choir-November 2023

We were delighted to have a visit from some members of the Bethany Children's Choir, from Tanzania, on the 6th November this year. It is 4 years since the Bethany Choir last visited us-and our older children still remembered their visit!


The Bethany Choir performed some lovely songs and showcased their natural rhythm through dance for all our children, before leading a question and answers session with our year 5 and 6 children. 


It is humbling to hear the stories of the children from the Bethany Choir, all of whom are orphans, and all of whom have experienced challenging times, yet they remain positive and grateful for what they have; they do not want sympathy for the challenges they have faced, but to share how light can be found in even the darkest of times, For our children, it is important that they develop an understanding of the lives of others around the world and that they can see how fortunate they are, in so many ways, and how important it is to count our blessings and remember to always do what we can to help and support others. It is important our children understand that the lives of other children, who are the same age as they are, can be so very different to what they know and experience.


Through donations shared on the day, we were able to give the Bethany Choir £100 to go towards whatever they feel they need. 


Kenya October 2023


During October half term, Mrs. Collins and two of her sons visited Kenya on a charity volunteering project taking with her the generous donations All Saints' families had shared to schools and orphanages in Kenya. The year 6 children had done a wonderful job of fundraising through their work as part of the Rotakids Project they are working on this year. The footballs and football/sporting kits were definitely gratefully received! It is so important that our children develop the understanding of the diversity of the world in which we live and understand that the things they enjoy and take for granted are a luxury to children in our country and other parts of the world, including having a school with all that is within our school. Football is something the children at All Saints' generally love, but do we ever stop and think that for some football is not an option as they do not have a ball to play with. For our children to understand that children, wherever in the world they live, can have common interests, is important. 




Lenten Challenge 2023 Update


We did it!  What a fantastic effort -  All Saints' children have managed to raise £1033!

This means that we can continue our sponsorship of our three sponsor children until the following dates:

Angel to 6th April 25

Feredericko to 28th February 25

Elizabeth to 28th February 25

This really is amazing news, as without this sponsorship, the children are unable to access education and will be sent out to work (usually picking tea, or working in the quarries).  

We are all so proud of the hard work the children do in order to give to others less fortunate than themselves. 

Children who supported with our Lenten Project - a huge thank you!

Lenten Challenge 2023


Each year, during Lent, we embark on a whole school fundraising event to support those in some way less fortunate than ourselves. This year, we will once again be fundraising for Uganda, a fundraising project we last undertook 3 years ago, raising enough money to fund 3 children to go to school, including board, uniform and food, for 3 years. We want to work together as a school community to do our very best to raise enough money to fund Elisabeth, Angel and Fredericko to continue to have a place at school, including board, uniform and food. We need to raise £1000 to meet our goal...and we know we CAN do it!

As in previous years, children make their own decisions about how to raise money to support our charity work and can be as creative as they are able to be!

Look out for our progress towards our £1000 target to help children beyond our community have something which we take for granted.