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Let your light shine!


Historians at All Saints’ investigate and interpret the past to influence the future.


Mrs Mitchell and Miss McLaughlin lead history at All Saints'.


"History, the study of the past, is all around us; we are continually making history through our thoughts, words and actions. History is personal and global; it is everyday life and momentous occasions. History is about people.

Through our study of the past, we can understand how our own world works. We can also understand how and why things happen to us. For example, had you ever wondered why the polar ice caps are melting? The answer partially lies in history. The Industrial Revolution caused the birth of industrial towns and factories, belching out smoke and pollution. It also caused the mechanisation of society, adding to the pollution. Could this partially explain the pollution problems that we face today? History is not just about the past!" - Historical Association


At All Saints', we want all of our pupils to have an understanding of the past and how history shapes our present and future. We believe that high quality history lessons encourage critical thinking, develop chronological understanding and allow children to explore like detectives and work like historians! Children are given the opportunity to study a variety of primary and secondary sources, make predictions, build their historical knowledge and develop key history skills.

‘Big questions’ provide children with an enquiry-led approach to their learning, leading to them developing their own questions to investigate.


Think of the past, of the time long ago;

    ask your parents to tell you what happened,

    ask the old people to tell of the past.

Deuteronomy 32:7