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Church School Distinctiveness

In our school we want children to flourish. We want children to know that they are loved, cared for and valued. In our school we want children to know that staff want what is best for them, and that staff care about them as individuals. As a Christian school, our faith and Christian values are central to everything that takes place at All Saints’. We don't just teach our children about Christian values, we model these continually and encourage our children to embed these values within their everyday lives, both at school and at home. We make sure that our teaching of the importance of Christian Values is firmly rooted in the teachings of The Bible. We recognise that Jesus is our biggest role model, and encourage our children to mirror the example He set for us by exploring stories from The Bible.


The Religious Education of our pupils is a core subject in our distinctive church school; the practice and teaching of the Christian faith is central to all that we do. Our faith is not just something added on to everything else we do as a school, but runs through all that we do.  10% curriculum time is allocated across all classes to the teaching of RE. The staffing and resourcing devoted to RE is of the highest standard, reflecting its significance and importance within our school.


We hope that the children educated at our school will grow towards religious maturity, ready to face the responsibilities of a Christian life. We recognise that All Saints’ is a very important part of the Mission of the Church. We are called by the Gospel to proclaim and affirm that all are made in the image and likeness of God. Our school endeavours to enable each person to practice their unique God given gifts and fulfill our mission statement; to love, persevere, respect, enjoy life and have a strong Christian faith.


There is lots of information about RE at All Saints' within our curriculum, RE area. You can also find out how our Christian values are put into action in the wider world, through our fundraising and charity work, within the All Saints' Reaching Out area of our website.



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