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Science week 2024

We celebrated British Science Week again this year. Take a look at what we got up to by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. 


We had a visit from two members of the SEERIH team within the University of Manchester. We were delighted with the feedback they shared with after their visit, including emailing the following:

‘The science experience which the children at All Saints' are offered is second to none. The school oozes passion and enthusiasm for science and it’s values. The ethos of the school is that every child can!
The children at All Saints' are confident learners who are not afraid of a challenge, the staff nurture exploration, curiosity and innovation, valuing when things don’t go to plan and supporting children to develop perseverance and resilience.

The staff at All Saints' are fantastic role models for these values, they also know the children in their care incredibly well to allow them to shape the education for each child. Their subject knowledge of science is incredible, interweaving information with scientific skills and real world applications.

It was an absolute privilege to spend time at All Saints' experiencing their learning of science, Mrs S.C. is an inspiration for science learning and this is evident in each and every child and teacher in her care, and her school do her incredibly proud.’

Jennie Crompton-Muir


'Science teaching and learning as it should be! Teachers plan and teach lessons which promote curiosity and wonder. Children clearly enjoy science at All Saints and are being equipped with the skills needed to achieve well in science and in future careers. I was impressed with the confident use of scientific vocabulary throughout the school and the attitudes demonstrated by children – they are not afraid to ask questions and to investigate these questions.'

Grace Marson