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Primary Science Quality Mark GOLD Award!

We are delighted to share the news that we have been awarded the GOLD Primary Science Quality Mark in September 2017 in recognition of the science that takes place at our school!

Science in action

Science at All Saints'

 We see science as an important area of the curriculum and as such time is dedicated to science each and every week. In addition, we hold an annual science and environment week in school when our children are engaged in a range of wow! science activities and investigations that ends with a whole school and community science fair for all to attend. We encourage the use of the fantastic outdoor space that we are so very lucky to have at All Saints'. We have visitors come into school to lead science workshops 3 times per year, these are always very popular and enjoyed by all! Adrian Bowden and his Travelling Science Show are well loved by our school (see document below to find out what Adrian has to say about our school!)



Through science we encouarge our children to think for themselves, to suggest and test their own lines of enquiry and never be afraid to have a go! We believe that science is about finding out through doing and place a great emphasis on the importance of working scientifically, with children leading learning wherever possible.


Children, staff and parents are invited to share their real life science experiences by contributing to our science selfie zone. You can contribute to this area by sending photographs of your experiences of science in the real world via Class Dojo-thank you to all who have already shared their images this way. 


We offer an extra curricular science club which runs on a fortnightly basis and alterntaes between open for all and open for those identifed as gifted and talented in this area.  We are so very lucky to have staff who are dedicated to running this club.


Our school lead a science cluster group, with 8 schools now taking part in this cluster, sharing good practice and moderating science across our schools. 


Adrian Bowden's view of All Saints'