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Visits & Visitors

Computing throughout 2019-2020 (Covid heavily affected 2020, 2021 and part of 2022) 

At All Saints', we see the value and importance of welcoming visitors into our school and going on trips to support our learning in computing. Our children always enjoy and speak highly of visits and visitors to enhance the computing curriculum. What children learn and gain from these visits and visitors, makes their learning in and through computing memorable and enjoyable.

Visitors to School Term/Date

Year group(s) /class(es) involved


Curriculum links

Impact of visitor


15th November

Beech and Sycamore

Rob Musker, LCC DT and computing consultant

DT project: electrical systems, simple circuits and control

Computing: coding in action

Staff much more confident to now teach this unit of DT!

Children fully engaged and for the first time have fully and successfully completed a unit of DT centered around programming and control!



29th November

Elder Class

Mr Wyllie

Photography and light workshop

Science- light

PSHE- Careers in the future

Mr Wyllie came in and showed children some of his skills using photography and light. Children were able to show some knowledge of light from previous science topics. Children were very enthusiastic and were all given the chance to take photos using professional cameras and were shown and had the opportunity to paint with light and how to create a photograph whilst doing this.