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Visits and Visitors

DT Throughout 2019-2020


Calendar of DT visits and visitors 2019-2020


We aim to provide children with as many opportunities as we are able to to see DT in action in real life, giving children an understanding of the place DT has in society. We welcome visitors who can share their expertise with the children (and staff!) and also seek to find opportunities for visits which enhance teaching and learning in DT. 


Visitors to School Term/Date

Year group(s) /class(es) involved


Curriculum links

Impact of visitor


4th September 2019


Mr Pountain: judo commonwealth silver medalist!

DT: Cooking and nutrition

Design and make a healthy salad for an athlete!


Science: balanced diet


PE: Promoting engagement with competitive sport

The children had a real purpose to design and make a healthy salad, they were completely engaged with the project. Seeing Mr Pountain at the commonwealth games eating the winning salads was a real motivation for the children


15th October


Prags: Exploring culture through food

DT-food and nutrition

Geography-biomes and food distribution

Engagement of children

Understanding of how culture affects food choices made and how climate in other parts of the world impact upon foods that grow and are consumed/imported/exported


15th November

Beech and Sycamore

Rob Musker, LCC DT and computing consultant

DT project: electrical systems, simple circuits and control

Computing: coding in action

Staff much more confident to now teach this unit of DT!

Children fully engaged and for the first time have fully and successfully completed a unit of DT centered around programming and control!


1st December 2019

Early Years

Mr Coe – talking about the role of an engineer

The World – People and Communities.

Listening and Attention.

Expressive Arts and Design – in particular materials.

Children were able to solve a range of problems during this session. They were tasked with using a range of materials to build a house. Team work was vital.


13th February


Blackburn Museum

History: Inventions and  Inventors

Science and DT: Inventions

Children learnt about significant inventors and inventions, particularly those created in our region. Children could then apply this knowledge in science when we focused on different areas of Earth & Space e.g. the telescope. Children understood how some of the inventions they use on a daily basis were created and how different inventions have been developed and innovated over time.