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Science club information

Science Club: Summer Term Update


We have had another action packed science club during the first half of the summer term, with our science club members making the most of the outdoors, exploring habitats within the school grounds (including taking part in a pond dipping session).


Science club have also had a session led by SportsCool, where they investigated the effect of exercise on the heart rate and considered why we notice changes in our bodies when we exercise. 


Science club members investigated air resistance, running with sheets of various sized cardboard across the playground and noting the effects of this on the speed at which they were able to run.


Summer 2 planned activities:

Week 1: Design a protection device for an be dropped from height! Can you use your knowledge of air resistance to help in your design?

Week 2:  Complete the egg protection device ... and test it...what modification would you make next time and can you justify these?

Week 3: This will be the final science club session of the year due to other events taking place in the final 3 weeks of school-we shall make sure this last session ends with a 'BANG!'

Science Club Spring Term (2) 2017


Science Club Update
Tonight the children spent time finding investigations/WOW science experiments that they would like to do in science club after the holidays. They came up with some great ideas (although I am not sure about the health and safety of filling a jar with alcohol, drilling a hole in the top and then igniting the fumes to replicate a jet engine!!!) If children have science activity books at home, please encourage them to look through these and bring any activities that they would like to do at school to me. 
So far we plan to: 
• Make drinking candles
• Make chocolate balls using balloons
• Make raisins dance
• Make dancing oobleck
• Create ‘darting’ pepper
• Make our own rock candy
• Investigate chocolate rocks (and eat them of course!)
• Investigate the direction of wind travel using bubbles-and create some bubble art in the process!
I can’t wait!
Just a reminder that after half term science club will run until 4:15pm, with the exception of Monday 6th March when there will be NO science club due to school leading a science cluster meeting for other schools.