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Science Club

Science Club 2019-2020


Science club runs in 4 weekly blocks on a Wednesday after school from 3:20pm-4:20pm. 

Year 5 and 6: autumn 1

Year 3 and 4: autumn 2

EYFS, Year 1 and 2: spring term

More able children: summer 1

Pond dipping sessions (EYFS to year 6): summer 2


Year 5 and Year 6

Week 1: using Gravitrax to build our own marble runs! 

We worked in teams to see which team could create the longest marble run...and manage to get three marbles to leave the base and end the run safely!


Week 2: using a basket of equipment to make our own balloon rockets

We were given a basket of equipment, given no instructions, and told we had to make decisions for ourselves to experiment to find a way to make a balloon rocket travel the greatest distance. After much trial and error (and lots of learning along the way!) 4 out of 5 groups managed to make a balloon travel along a piece of string. Lots of trial and error and perseverance shown here!


Week 3: making our own bath bombs!

This week we were actually given instructions to follow! We weighed out our ingredients, followed the instructions we were given, and created our own scented bath bombs to take home. We talked about the reactions taking place as we completed this task...then went home and had a fizzy bath!


Week 4: midget gem, marshmallow, spaghetti and cocktail stick towers

The challenge was on! Children were given access to midget gems, mini marshmallows, spaghetti and cocktail sticks and challenged to make the tallest structure possible, that could withstand being blown, in 40 minutes. Courtney was the winner and earned herself a bag of mini marshmallows for her super effort! An architect in the making!


Year 3 and Year 4


Week 1: explosive science!

As it had just been bonfire night, the theme of our first year 3/4 science club was...explosions! We explored what happens when bicarbonate of soda and citric acid are mixed with brown and white vinegar. We made cannisters fly with the power of Vitamin C tablets and water, we exploded paint rockets...well, we tried to! We added mentos to flat coke and discovered...not much happened. We had lots of fun making choices about ingredients to add to a sealable sandwich bag, holding a paper towel 'bomb' of bicarbonate of soda out of the liquid until the bag was sealed and the countdown had taken place. We discovered that the sandwich bags the point of exploding...due to a chemical reaction and the release of gas. Mrs SC tried to demonstrate that shaking the bag accelerated the reaction....and had a vinegar shower as a result!


Week 2 and 3: more explosive science...and Gravitrax marble run fun!

We had questions we wanted answers to after last week's science! Do all fizzy pops create the exact same explosion when mentos are added? So...we experimented with coke, diet coke, lemonade and cherryade to find out. First we predicted which would produce the highest explosion of fizzy pop. We made sure we had a fair test by always adding 6 mentos to the bottles...then we observed what happened. We found out that the lemonade created the highest explosion, but the cherryade explosion lasted the longest. 

We split into 2 groups. Half of us made alka seltzer lava lamps and made observations of oil and water and food colouring, then observed the reaction when alka seltzer was added. The rest of us explored making marble runs using Gravitrax. Next week we will swap over!


Week 4:This week we made our very own Harry Potter wands! We had to think about how to incorporate a switch into our wands so that the wands were not on all of the time. We used copper tape and lolly pop sticks to make our wands, along with an LED and 3V battery. 


EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2


Week 1: We blew things up this week! We explored which fizzy drink made the best explosion when we added mentos to the drink...and we inflated zip lock bags with bicarbonate of soda bombs and vinegar!


Week 2: This week we investigated how to use balloons to make a car travel across the hall! It was lots of fun! Then we made ballooon hovercrafts. 


Week 3: This week we made lava lamps using alka seltzer and oil and food colouring. We loved the patterns that we could see in the 'lava' as it moved up and down!


Week 4: Bubbles galore! We tried to make square bubbles, see who could blow the biggest bubble, make bubble paintings and we even used a giant bubble wand to make a bubble that was bigger than Mrs SC! We all got some touchable bubbles to take home and play with.