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The safety and well-being of our children is of paramount importance to us at All Saints'.  Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is updated at least annually, and sooner if the need arises. Our policy can be found within useful information, policies. We ensure all staff and volunteers within school have appropriate and up to date safeguarding training. All staff and volunteers in school have read Keeping Children Safe in Education: Part 1 and are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the safeguarding of all pupils.


Our designated senior leads (DSLs) for safeguarding are Mrs Saporita- Clark  and Mrs Huddy. If you ever have a concern about a child's well being, and feel that they are in any way at risk of harm, please come and speak to one of us in school. 


Within school we teach our children about how to be safe  and  responsible when online. Staff at school carefully select websites for children to access within school and oversee and monitor online use. At regular times throughout the year, we talk about being safe and responsible online , both in classes and during key stage assemblies. Each year the very unit of computing covered relates to online safety. Can we please ask that you, as parents, reinforce online safety messages and closely monitor both what your children are accessing when at home and how they are communicating with others when online.


Where we are made aware of incidents where our children behave in an unacceptable manner towards each other when online at home, we will always inform parents when such concerns are raised with us at school however we cannot police what children access, and how they behave, outside of school beyond making clear our expectations of our children and that these extend beyond the physical school environment. We strongly educate our children about showing respect towards each other at all times, including when not in school, but we need you as parents to be reiterating this message at home and undertake monitoring of your child's use of the internet and social media at home. It is very sad to see and hear some of the things that are being 'said' online or via social media between our children-please support us in ending this.


Within the parents section of our website is an abundance of information and links to  useful websites, some of which contain information relating to online safety, should you require any further information.


Within the children's section of our website there are links to age appropriate materials to support the development of an understanding of being safe online. 


Below you will find some posters and links to websites which we hope you will find useful ins supporting you and your child(ren) in being safe, happy and healthy.



Operation Encompass

As of the 29.04.19 - Operation Encompass went live in our school.  In conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary, All Saints' is involved in a national initiative called “Operation Encompass”.  The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in, heard or witnessed a domestic abuse incident.  Operation Encompass has been created to address this so that by 09:00 on the next school day, the school’s key adult – Mrs Saporita-Clark – will be informed that the child has been involved in, heard or witnessed a domestic incident.  This knowledge, given to schools through Operation Encompass, allows the provision of immediate early intervention through silent or overt support, depending on the needs and wishes of the child.  For more information, please follow the link below.