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Reaching Out to Others in School

It has been a difficult few years, and we know lots of our families personal circumstances have changed, lots of families are facing challenges and difficulties that are new to them and cause worry. You are not on your own. Please come and talk to us, or send us a message, if you need help. There is never a need to feel embarrassed or worried about asking for help-we are a Christian school and live out our Christian values without judgment.


There are lots of ways we can support if you are struggling, through our work and links with a  large number of organsiations/charities. There would never be any judgment from us at school-just support and a genuine offer of help. 


Lots of you will know Wendy, our home school liaison officer, and will know just how resourceful Wendy is! 


We have our half termly coffee mornings where a wide range of external agencies come along and are ready to offer you support, advice or just an ear to listen! Mrs Huddy and I (Mrs SC) are also always at the coffee mornings. 


Don't ever struggle, or worry, always ask when help is needed and know that you will be supported with love.