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Pupil Parliament

We also have an active Pupil Parliament at All Saints', a democratically, peer elected group of pupils representing each of our classes. The purpose of the Pupil Parliament is to provide a voice for all of our pupils , enabling all to have an active role in matters that affect their lives both in school and the wider community.


Pupil Parliament meetings are held on a fortnightly basis, with Mrs SC and Mrs Hargreaves. We also welcome our local police office to our meetings each term, to discuss community issues. Suggestion boxes are located in each classroom where all members of a class family can post thoughts, ideas or questions to be brought to Pupil Parliament meetings.  Children are encouraged to write down any suggestions that they think will improve school, or share concerns that they have which they feel Pupil Parliament can help to resolve. 


We have organised our Pupil Parliament in a slightly different format this current year, with elections taking place to vote in members of parliament and then a further election process taking place to vote in a prime minister. Our Pupil Parliament meet fortnightly and act as a pupil voice within school.

Our Pupil Parliament is  made up of representatives from each year group and every class, with every member being assigned a specific duty as 'minister of' a given area within school. Our local police officer, PC Paul Pountain, is also a member of our Pupil Parliament as the minister for transport and minister for crime! He joins us once per term to discuss issues we may have. 


Pupil Parliament Members 2016 to 2017

Meet our Pupil Parliament 

Our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Meet our ministers of Guardian Angels, Class Dojo, football, technology and tidy cloakrooms

Meet our ministers school dinners, displays, the daily mile and Christian Values,

Meet our ministers for timetables, daily mile, technology and friendship.

Meet our ministers for timetables, Christian values, football and friendship

Meet our ministers for class dojo, displays and science.

Meet our ministers for school dinners, science and tidy cloakrooms.

Job Descriptions


Christian Values Ministers

  • Ministers will ensure that presence of The Holy Spirit is clear throughout the school.
  • Ministers will be involved in evaluating whole school worship, and visiting a range of classes at intervals to evaluate in class worship.
  • Ministers will visit classes to gather evidence of ongoing worship, prayer and religious teaching and learning.  
  • Ministers will visit each class and Mrs SC  before Pupil Parliament meetings to collect the Christian Values certificates.
  • Ministers will bring the certificates to the meeting where we will see which class has brought the most back and the Pupil Parliament will choose their favourite each week from each class.


Guardian Angel Minister

  • Ministers will discuss with the Year 5 children whether or not they have spent time with their Reception buddies.
  • Ministers will ask a range of Year 5 pupils each week and make a note of if they have or have not spent time with their buddy that week – make a note of when and what they did (was it in the dinner hall, at playtime, at lunchtime?)
  • Also, ministers will speak with the reception buddy to see if they have or have not seen their Guardian Angel that week.


Class Dojo Ministers

  • Ministers will visit each class and make a note of which class has the most green dojos at the end of each week.
  • Ministers must also check how many red dojos each class has got and deduct (take away) it from the total greens.
  • Then ministers must let Mrs Hargreaves and Mrs SC know which classes have placed in 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. This will then be shared with the school.


Science Ministers

  • Ministers will visit a different class once a week to ask a range of children questions about their Science topics.
  • Ministers will make a note of which class they have visited and the children they have spoken with.
  • Ministers will keep a record of the questions they have asked and the answers received.
  • Ministers will bring their findings to Pupil Parliament meetings to share the information they have gathered.





Football Ministers

  • Ministers will make a note of any issues which occur when playing football.
  • If other children have any issues to report, they can tell the ministers (as well as a teacher) and ministers can bring any issues to the Pupil Parliament meeting.
  • The class with the least amount of problems will be mentioned on ClassDojo.


Technology Ministers

  • Ministers will make a note of any issues raised about technology in school.
  • All Pupil Parliament ministers must report any issues to the Technology Minister who will then share with Mrs Hargreaves and Mrs SC in the Pupil Parliament meeting.


Tidy Cloakroom Ministers

  • Ministers will visit each class’ cloakroom area once a week at lunchtime and make a note of which class has the tidiest area – all coats must be on hooks, nothing on the floor.
  • Ministers will make a note of the best class and share with Mrs Hargreaves and Mrs SC.
  • This will be carried out on a  different day each week so that classes do not know to expect you.  Hopefully this way, all children will always try to keep their cloakroom area tidy.


School Dinner Ministers

  • Ministers will discuss with the children which school dinner they have most enjoyed that week.
  • Once a week School Dinner Ministers will ask a selection of KS 1 and KS 2 children which their favourite school dinners are,  make a note of the answers and bring the information to Pupil Parliament meetings.


Display Ministers

  • Ministers will visit a different classroom each week to look at their displays.
  • Ministers will take photographs of the displays which the Pupil Parliament will then look at in the meeting and give feedback.



Daily Mile Ministers

  • Ministers will observe each class doing their daily mile once a week/fortnight.
  • Ministers will discuss together which class they think are making the most effort during their daily mile and keep a record of the winning class for each week, which will then be shared via ClassDojo.




Times tables Ministers

  • Ministers will check the timetables challenge board each Friday and make a note of which class has won the challenge each week.
  • Ministers will share the information with Mrs Hargreaves and Mrs SC who will share the information via ClassDojo.


Friendship Ministers

  • Ministers will make a note of any children who are showing excellent values of friendship and kindness.
  • Ministers will also look out for children who appear to be lonely and make a note of it, then try to help them find someone to play with.