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Visitors  1 Judo workshop
Visitors  2 We explored a new skill in PE sessions!
Visitors  3
Visitors  4
Visitors  5 We enjoyed a visit from Travelling Science
Visitors  6 We thought about how to 'work scientifically'
Visitors  7
Visitors  8
Visitors  9 Fire service visit to explore fire safety
Visitors  10 What do firemen do?
Visitors  11
Visitors  12 Bishop Julian visited All Saints'
Visitors  13 We asked him lots of questions about being Bishop
Visitors  14 What was Clayton like in the past?
Visitors  15 We enjoyed hearing stories from the past
Visitors  16 How do we change as we grow?
Visitors  17 Thank you to one of our Mummy's for visiting us
Visitors  18 How we have changed since we were babies?
Visitors  19 St Christopher's science led morning
Visitors  20 Which material makes the best coat for a snowman?
Visitors  21 What did our results tell us?
Visitors  22
Visitors  23
Visitors  24
Visitors  25
Visitors  26
Visitors  27
Visitors  28
Visitors  29
Visitors  30