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Curriculum Overview

Some of the brilliant work we have produced so far in RE, looking at the Easter story thinking about who was to blame for Jesus’s death & reflecting on the Easter story from different points of view.

Making 3D models of our Solar System in science before creating videos showcasing all of our knowledge.

Some of our brilliant geography work looking at Fairtrade thinking about where our food comes from and are the world's resources distributed equally?

We were lucky enough to have Mr Wyllie come in and spend the afternoon with us. He taught us how to paint with light creating different effects using cameras and different equipment. These are some of the amazing pieces of work we created.

Our guided reading work on Remembrance Day focused on using images to think about what we could see, what we could infer, questions we had and what our thoughts were about different Remembrance Day images. Here are some of our brilliant ideas...

Focusing on the text Oliver Twist, we used images from the books to generate and infer ideas. We then became the sorting hat in Harry Potter to sort different characters into houses based on their traits and characteristics. We also empathised with characters to imagine what they might tweet about certain events in the text.

Our DT unit focusing on celebrating food from different cultures and seasonality. Prags came in and taught us how to use different skills to prepare and make different Indian foods and Indian street style foods. We had an amazing day and the best part was eating all of the food we'd made at the end!

Colour blending in art using pastels.

Making careful observations in science...