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Our theme this term in Oak class is Mystery, Intrigue and Acceptance


In our first week back after Easter we will be looking at the Brothers Grimm tale of Snow White - and looking at investigating who the dwarfs really were! 

We will be reading some classic Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie mysteries in our guided reading, and focusing on Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones in English: set in London in 1841, the story follows a boy covered in hair, raised as a monster and condemned to life in a travelling freak show.  But he is a boy with extraordinary powers of observation and deduction.  Accused of murder, he finds himself on the run and hungry for the truth.  We will also read the wonderful narrative poem The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes. 

We will be finishing our Local Heroes unit in history looking at The Accrington Pals, before moving on to 1000 years of crime and punishment as our post-1066 unit - which links to our English texts. 

In science we will be investigating Light, followed by Animals including Humans and include lots of opportunities for creating our own investigations and lots of working scientifically. 

In games we will be working on our athletic skills, as well as some rounders, cricket and tennis!


We will also be starting our yoga sessions from the first day back - developing our relaxation techniques and mindfulness, as well as our suppleness! 


In RE we will be looking at the creation story and the opposing scientific views for how the world began.  We will look at whether science contradicts religion, or if science can complement religion. 

In DT we will become master chefs and create a menu for the Great British Menu. 


An exciting, busy (and can you believe final ?!) term begins!


Below you will find lots of information that you will find useful about the topics we are focusing on in class, information about spellings and homework and some useful websites that your children can go on at home to practise various skills.

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