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The next pupil parliament meeting will be on Tuesday 7th February.  This will be an event planning meeting, as well as an opportunity for Mrs Hargreaves to update the representatives of any changes in school.

The next meeting of the Pupil Parliament will be on Friday 14th October after school until 4.10pm.


There will be a fundraising event led by the Pupil Parliament on Monday 17th October after school until 4.15pm

The first meeting of the Pupil Parliament is on Monday 26th September at 3.30-4.20pm.


This meeting will be used to remind Pupil Parliament representatives of their role and responsibilities.  A further meeting will be held this half term to discuss pupils' thoughts and ideas in the Pupil Parliament suggestion boxes placed in each class.


There will also be a charity planning meeting, followed by a charity event.


Mrs Hargreaves

Minutes of Meetings