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Maple 2020-2021

Welcome to Maple class!!


Well, after a very strange end to your time in Y1, I do hope that you are all excited and eager to start your time in Y2! 

I cannot wait to spend time getting to know you all this year and having lots of amazingly awesome adventures together this year! 


Our year is going to begin with us becoming zoologists, spending lots of time looking at and learning all about some fascinating animals!... That does not mean that our classroom is allowed to be like a zoo though! No cheeky monkeys allowed!!


Your Teacher - Mrs Threlfall

I have really enjoyed getting to see you all during transition and sharing lots of interesting things about myself and learning lots of fabulous things about you too! 

I live with my husband and  3 children. Two of whom are still at All Saints' school and one that is a big boy now and has moved onto secondary school. Oh, and two very cute rabbits!

I love to spend time outside in nature, so do make sure you always have your coat with you in school, as we will be spending lots of time out and about in the school grounds. 

I really do find it hard to choose a favourite school subject, but I think PE and history have to come very close to the top of the list, so prepare for lots of moving and dancing and for listening to my very interesting and exciting historical facts - you'd better find them interesting anyway!

I am also very well known for my bad jokes! Here are a few of my favourites:


What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?

a stick

What do you call a deaf dinosaur?

Anything you want. It can't hear you!

Knock Knock!

Who's there?



I would love to hear any bad jokes that you have too. Maybe you can learn some over the Summer break... There you go, that's your first piece of homework!


Your Teaching Assistant - Mrs Chippendale