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Key Dates


4th: School opens for new year

6th: 2:45pm-Church service

9th: Education Sunday

10th: Open Evening

14th: out of the ordinary day (1)



5th: 2:30pm-Harvest festival

7th: Harvest festival

15th: 4:30pm-PTFA Movie Monday

16th: Parents’ evening (1)

18th: Parents’ evening (2)

19th: Out of the ordinary day (2)

19th: KS2 achievement worship

19th: School closes for half term

30th: School re opens



16th: 6:30pm-Sycamore and Beech join Friday Praise

23rd: Out of the ordinary day (3)

29th: PTFA Christmas Shopping Night



8th: PTFA Winter Wonderland

10th: Churches Together rehearsal@ St Mary’s

11th: 6pm: Churches Together Service@ St Mary’s

12th: Sycamore class showcase (am session)

13th: 6pm- KS2 carol service in church

14th: KS2 achievement worship

17th: KS2 pantomime trip

19th: 2:40pm-Christmas service in church

19th: RAG reports

20th: PTFA discos

21st: Out of the ordinary day (4)

21st: Carols around the tree

21st: School closes for the end of autumn term



7th: School reopens for spring term

8th: 2:45pm-Epiphany service in church

25th: Out of the ordinary (5)



14th: PTFA discos

15th: KS2 achievement celebration

15th: School closes for half term

25th: School reopens



1st: Friday Praise

7th: World Book Day (out of the ordinary day 6)

11th-15th: Science Week

11th: PTFA Bake Off (LuLu’s Meringues judging)

15th: 3:30-4:45pm-Science Fair



1st: Sycamore class showcase (am session)

1st: KS2 achievement celebration

1st: 4:30pm-PTFA Movie Night

2nd: Parents’ evening (1)

4th: Parents’ evening (2)

5th: Out of the ordinary day (7)

5th: School closes for end of spring term

23rd: School reopens

23rd: 9:10am-Service in church



10th: 9:10am-Sycamore class led worship

17th: Out of the ordinary day (8)

21st: K21 achievement celebration

23rd: Sports Day (am=KS2; pm=KS1)

24th: KS2 achievement celebration

24th: School closes for half term



3rd: School reopens

7th: Out of the ordinary day (9)

8th: PTFA Summer fayre

11th: 2:30pm-whole school communion service in church



9th: Sycamore class showcase (pm session)

12th: Out of the ordinary day (10)

12th: PTFA discos

14th: School anniversary service

17th: KS2 achievement celebration

18th: School closes for the end of the year