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Healthy Schools Council

Healthy Schools

We have a large healthy schools committee in 2016-2017, who are dedicated to making sure that children make the right choices about healthy lifestyle, exercise and healthy eating.


In September 2016, children in KS2 trialled the Daily Mile initiative, and this has now been implemented across KS2, with the view to having a whole school commitment to children taking part in running, jogging or walking a daily mile.

We link the daily mile to our science, ensuring that we take in the seasonal observations of the world around us.

We link the daily mile to maths, being challenged with questions such as, "If you have run 2 laps out of the 10, what is that as a fraction in its simplest form, what is it as a decimal, as a %?"  Many classes chant times tables facts as they run around the playground.  But whatever the challenges, we are always aware of the health benefits!


Healthy schools are also proposing a Healthy Tuck Shop, which will hopefully start to take shape in the summer term - an initiative which will be run by Year 6.


Year 6 have 2 sports' ambassadors, who write and deliver whole school assembly on healthy foods and healthy eating.