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Guardian Angels

In September 2016 we developed a Guardian Angel system in school. This system is where our year 5 pupils were trained to support our youngest children in settling into school life (see information below).


This initiative was very successful and we have continued to train and run this each year since!


See below to find out what our parents and children thought about the Guardian Angel system and some of the training this year's year 5 children completed before undertaking their roles as Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels

Our new 2017-2018 Guardian Angels worked really hard exploring what they think their roles will be in September!

Parent voice


Daniel really liked the Guardian Angel system. It really helped him settle into school and find his bearings. He enjoyed Elizabeth eating with him.His Guardian Angel helped him to be where he needed to be and helped him to feel comfortable in his surroundings. Phil. Daniel's Dad


Good morning Mrs SC,

I thought the guardian angel idea was fab, it gave Bentley the confidence and reassurance in his early days of school. He knew he had someone to turn to and ask questions without having to keep going to a teacher. Thanks, Kirstie


Leo loved his Guardian Angel. He found it quite difficult to settle into school at first and found making friends challenging to begin with. Ella was great with him, she helped him develop his confidence and make friends and was always there for him when he needed some reassurance from someone older (or when he fell and hurt himself and she really helped him feel better). Leo settled really well and talked about Ella a lot.  Leo's Mum


"I have to say I think this is a brilliant way to help the little ones settle in I know it helped Ethan a lot! On the other hand Charlotte really enjoyed being a guardian angel it gave her some responsibility which helped with confidence! Love the system long may it continue ☺️Kren, Ethan and Charlotte's Mum


"Hi, excellent idea! Very smooth transition from nursery to school as the older children didn't just look after and guide their own appointed child they got to know all of the children. James was always saying hi to the bigger boys and girls and telling me "oh that's my friends guardian angel mum". Definitely an amazing things for both year groups as it teaches the older ones responsibility and caring and the little ones how to respect other children. 😊" Laura, James' Mum


The guardian Angels was a wonderful idea as Eli was so shy Lucas helped him make friends and he also felt special that one of the big boys wanted to be his friend and it made the bigger children seem less scary as well. Beth, Eli's Mum


The guardian angel system is a fantastic idea and think it should be in place every year. It really helped George settle in to school and feel looked after. Scarlett was his guardian angel and she did such a wonderful job of taking care of him. Lewis clearly enjoyed the responsibility of being a guardian angel too. It was really lovely to see the older children show such understanding of how daunting starting school can be.  George's Mum


Phoebe has talked about her guardian angel in a very positive way. I think the young girl who has been looking after Phoebe has been a great help, Phoebe's guardian angel sometimes passes us on our way home from school and she will say hello to Phoebe and give her a hug. I think this is lovely ! So thank you for putting such a lovely thing in place .