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Extra-curricular clubs

We hope to soon be able to reestablish extra curricular provision. Below is information about such provision which is our 'normal' offer. As things return to 'normal' we shall update this page with information relevant to 2020-2021 school year. 


We offer a wide range of extra curricular provision throughout the year, with something for all year groups on offer. 

Some clubs run year round, whilst others are seasonal and run for shorter amounts of time. We do our very best to enter as many of the Hyndburn/Lancashire sporting events/competitions as we are able to enter. Clubs will run in the lead up to these events to prepare children. The pupil curriculum review group feedback to staff in relation to which clubs they would like school to offer. In addition to the extracurricular provision, we offer taster sessions for all children during the school day for a wide range of sporting events; from fencing to handball, from tri golf to new age kurling. We aim to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities and experiences, hopefully engaging children in new experiences! 

Extra Curricular Provision 2019-2020