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Elder 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Elder Class!


In Elder, we are a mixed age year 5 and 6 class, taught by Miss Harrison.


During this exciting summer term we will be exploring lots of new and interesting topics! In English, we will be finding out about many different explorers, including Jacques Cousteau (who helped develop the aqua-lung).


In science, we will be learning all about 'Materials and their properties' as well as 'Forces'. Geography will be focused on 'Rivers of the United Kingdom' as well as a unit comparing them to rivers from around the world, including the Amazon. We will be taking a step along the time line, following on from our History unit on the Anglo-Saxons, and learning about the Vikings!


In Art, we will be looking at artist Albrecht Durer and his observational drawings to inspire our own work as we develop our drawing skills and DT will develop our prior learning on mechanisms to develop CAM toys. Our RE unit this term will be focused on God and our ideas about God's portrayal and representation in religion.


All in all . . . a very busy final term!