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A caring Christian family, striving to achieve our best



6th: 2:30pm: Church service

10th: 3:45-6pm: Open Evening (presentations at 4:30pm and 5:30pm)

13th: Out of the Ordinary Day (1) Roald Dahl Day, Rocksteady Music workshops

23rd: Mad Science Visit

w/c 23rd Sep – Parents guided reading workshops



4th: 9:10am: Harvest Festival in Church

7th-11th: Year Group Learning Week

11th: Out of the Ordinary Day (2)

11th: 6:30pm: Friday Praise (year 3 and 4 invite)

15th: 9am: KS2 achievement assembly

15th: Parents’ Evening (1)

17th: Parents’ Evening (2)


15th: Out of the Ordinary Day (3)


6th: Beauty and the Beast pantomime visit

9th-13th: Year Group Learning Week

11th: 10am: Year 3 and Y4 join parish communion

17th: 9am: KS2 achievement assembly

17th: 6pm: KS2 Carol service in Church

18th: RAG report 1 sent home

19th: Out of the Ordinary Day (4)

19th: Carols around the tree


31st: out of the ordinary (5)


3rd-7th: Year Group Learning Week

11th: 9am: KS2 achievement assembly

14th: 9:10am: Hazel class led worship


2nd: 3:20pm: Book Fair in school open for parents

5th: World Book Day (Out of the Ordinary Day 6)

9th-13th: Science Week

13th: 3:30-4:30pm-Science Fair

23rd-27th: Year Group Learning Week

31st: 9am: KS2 achievement assembly

31st: Parents’ Evening (1)


2nd: Parents’ Evening (2)

3rd: Out of the Ordinary Day (7)


Friday 8th: Bank Holiday

19th: 9am: KS2 achievement assembly

20th: 1:15pm: KS2 sports day

22nd: Out of the Ordinary Day (8)

22nd: RAG report 2 sent home


26th: Out of the Ordinary Day (9)

29th-3rd July: Year Group Learning Week

26th: Friday Praise


8th: Hazel class showcase (9:15am)

9th: 1:30pm-7pm: Parents’ Evening (class allocation letters and reports shared)

10th: 9:15-10:15am: Class transition morning

10th: Celebration of our school day

14th: 9am: KS2 achievement assembly