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Bible Story Videos

Watch some of the following Bible stories and think about the message the story is telling us.


  • Can you then explain the message to someone at home?
  • Can you draw a picture or create a poster to show the message in the video?
  • Can you create a piece of drama to re-create the video?
  • Can you show the video to your parents and discuss what the story means?
  • Can you share what you have learnt from the video with your teacher?
  • How has our worship linked to any of these stories?
  • What Christian Values can you identify in the videos?

The Bible Story Of David And Goliath

Noah's Ark

The Ten Commandments (2009)

Samuel the Prophet

The Ministry of Paul

The Story of Moses

The Prodigal Son

Jesus and His Miracles

The Good Samaritan

The Story of Easter