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Photo Gallery

We use an alternative platform to share photos with parents within our school community, which requires individual logon details to be entered. For this reason, you will see only a 'snippet' of life at our school within this photo gallery...but don't view this as all that we do! All Saints' is a very active primary school, with lots going on! You will find photo galleries within each curriculum page so please take a look at these pages to find out more about what is going on at All Saints'. 

Oak science trip to Chester Zoo - November 2017

Oak science trip to Chester zoo November 2017

Oak class science trip to Chester zoo - November 2017

We were very lucky to have Paul McAulay visit school with his aerial photography equipment and take some amazing photos of our school from the skies! We somehow managed to organise all 270 children into an 'AS' formation, as a representation of All Saints'. I am sure you will agree the photos are pretty amazing. Thank you very much to Paul for his time and patience in doing this for school-what a fantastic experience this was! Paul has lots of information about his aerial photography on his website 

School aerial photos

School aerial photos 1
School aerial photos 2
School aerial photos 3
School aerial photos 4
School aerial photos 5
School aerial photos 6

Mad Hatter's Tea Party World Book Day 2017

Young Voices Selfies 2017

Young Voices Selfies 2017 1
Young Voices Selfies 2017 2
Young Voices Selfies 2017 3
Young Voices Selfies 2017 4

Young Voices 2017

Young Voices 2017 1
Young Voices 2017 2
Young Voices 2017 3

Pupil Parliament Traffic Patrol January 2017

Pupil Parliament Traffic Patrol January 2017 1
Pupil Parliament Traffic Patrol January 2017 2

Science at home

Science at home 1
Science at home 2
Science at home 3
Science at home 4
Science at home 5
Science at home 6
Science at home 7
Science at home 8

We love to see how our children are involved in learning outside of school. These images relate to science.


Thank you to:

Bobby for sharing his images showing Bobby testing forces on 120 ft near vertical drop and his daddy testing forces at 30,000 ft! Fits nicely with our value theme of courage I would say!

Jack for sending his image of his 'volcanic' eruption made during science club and erupted at home!

Ellie for sharing her Science Sunday experience

Leo for sharing his pictures showing how he made his volcano erupt

Do you have an image that you could share showing science in the real world?

Displays around school

This term our corridor displays are showing the progression in writing from Year 1 to Year 6.  Each class were inspired by an image and took the writing from simple sentences, adding awesome adjectives, descriptive settings to whole stories.