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Awards KS2

January 2017 Achievements



Well done to Charlie for always showing courage, even when it is hard to stand up for what is right.

Well done to Bobby for always giving 100% effort and working really hard.

Well done to Coby for showing great resilience in his work.



Well done to Ella Q for persevering in maths and making super progress.

Well done to Ellie W for giving 100% effort in maths and always having a go.

Well done to Maxwell for working really hard and always setting a good example.

Well done to Scarlett for always trying her best, helping others and always reading!

Well done to Thomas for being brave and showing maturity in difficult situations. 

Awards for Attendance

The following children have managed to achieve 100% attendance for the whole of the autumn term - well done!


Emily Brown

Shae Coombes

Ella Davies

Ruby Gaines

Alexander Haslam

Tegan Holden

Keiron Makin

Ted Miller



Millie Bartrupe

Matthew Burrows

Bella Cannings

Florence Cassidy

Lucas Golley

Kendra Holt

Tilly Kenyon

Layla Newton

Tamzin Osborne

Olivia Peel

Jack Rimmer

Ellie Toman

Isobella Wright



Katie Birch

Max Byrne

Roby Holmes

Jac Jones

Scarlett Metcalf

Sam Newton

Sam Parker

Thomas Plachciak

Jack Preston

Calen Spencer

Ruby Wilcock

Harry Woods



Macy Archer

Scarlett Atkin

Elizabeth Briggs

Maxwell Day

Livia Gardner

Milly Harrison

Max Helm

Charlie Holgate

Charlotte Holman

Clodagh Keane

Darcy Mercer

Mia Newton

Callum Osborne

Ryley Raynor

Thomas Tattersall

Lewis Tebbs

Layla Walker



Evie Allen

Evie Aspinall

Isobel Atherton

Coby Brown

Leah Bullough

Bobby Cannings

Olivia Duxbury

Joshua Hartley

Izak Milligan

Emily Owen

Kendra Pendlebury

Alana Riding



15th November 2016



Olivia Henry for a huge improvement in her writing.

Lily Fletcher for always showing our happiness value in school.






Mia - for producing some fantastic writing.

Alicia - for always wanting to help others.

Cameron - for trying really hard and producing some excellent homework.

Well done to these children and all of the children in Elder, who always give 110% in everything they do.  Keep working hard!



Lucy - for always demonstrating the value of happiness!
Charlotte - for working really hard in everything she is doing and achieving some fantastic results.

A fantastic well done to the following children, who all had 100% attendance this half term!


Edie, Luca, Brooklyn, Emily, Shae, Sebastian, Joshua, Ella D, Lily, Ruby, Xander, Tegan, Cliona, Keiron, Ted, Harry, Katie, Alex, Jake, Elisha, Matthew



Millie, Harry, Matthew, Bella, Florence, Lexia, Leo, Lucas, Kendra, Tilly, Alice, Layla, Tamzin, Lily P, Sarah, Olivia, Jack, Ellie, Isobella



Jack A, India, Keegan, Katie, Max, Charlie, Luke, Ruby H, Joshua, Ana, Jac, Scarlett, Sam N, George, Samuel P, Edward, Thomas P, Kayne, Jack P, Piers, Calen, Ruby W, Harry W



Macy, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Archie, Maxwell, Livia, Milly, Max H, Charlie H, Charlotte, Clodagh, Ella M, Darcy, Mia, Callum O, Ryley, Jessica R, Thomas, Lewis, Layla, Ellie W



Evie, Evie, Isobel, Coby, Leah, Bobby, Olivia, Hannah, Madison, Corey, Joshua, James, Emma, Nathan, Lauren, Izak, Charlotte, Emily, Elisha, Kendra, Alana

Half term awards - Oak

Our stars of the week - KS2 (03/10/16)

Stars of the week - Hazel

Joshua Cregg for trying really hard in maths


Cliona Keane for always being thoughtful and respectful of others

Stars of the week - Beech


Stars of the week - Sycamore

Harry Woods - super effort in all areas


Maimuna Kamara - lovely manners and working hard at all times


Stars of the week - Elder

Oliver Currie - for persevering even when things are difficult


Milly Harrison - for challenging and extending your learning


Stars of the week - Oak

Isobel Atherton - for challenging and extending your learning


Kendra Pendlebury - for persevering even when you have found something really difficult



Stars of the week in KS2 (27th/9/16)


Stars of the week - Hazel

Katie Prysiaznyj - for always trying her best in all subjects


Oscar Gavagan - for being kind and respectful for everyone, staff and pupils

Stars of the week - Beech


Stars of the week - Sycamore

Calen Spencer - for always showing  a good attitude towards your learning


Scarlett Metcalfe - for always being ready to learn


Stars of the week - Elder


Stars of the week - Oak

Hannah Fisher - for perseverance and showing resilience in your learning


Marissa Toft - for showing determination and not being held back

Our stars of the week in KS2 (20/9/16)


Star of the week - Hazel

Luca Blackstock for being helpful to all Year 3s settling into KS2


Ella Button for consistent and beautiful handwriting

Star of the week - Beech

Joshua Bourke for settling down to his work much better


Freya Hothersal for persevering in maths!


Star of the week - Sycamore


Daisy Wilkinson - for always being on task


Amelia Thompson for always being ready to learn - putting in lots of hard work


Star of the week - Elder

Charlotte Holman for always being willing to help others


Ella McIntrye for challenging herself and persevering when things are difficult in maths


Star of the week - Oak


James Kidds for being the perfect example of an All Saints' pupil - always demonstrating our school values and showing resilience and perseverance in everything he does.


Emma Kinlin - for showing perseverance when things get tough and always trying her best.

Our starts of the week in KS2 (13/09/16)


Star of the week -  Hazel


Star of the week - Beech


Harry Bradshaw for being helpful in the classroom


Bella Cannings for always being thoughtful with her friends 


Star of the week - Sycamore

Jac Jones for excellent manners and being respectful

Ruby Holmes for alwas trying her best

Daisy Wilkinson for always being on task

Amelia Thompson for always being ready to learn and working hard


Star of the week - Elder


Ryley Raynor for being thoughtful and helpful around school


Max Helm for great teamwork and being a fantastic helper 


Star of the week - Oak

Jessica Clarke for demonstrating the value of respect at all times.

Corey Gregson for being thoughtful and kind to everyone.